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Injured in an accident? Let our Houston Personal Injury Attorneys help you!

You have been injured in an accident, and your mind is in overdrive! You may be in pain, grieving the loss of a loved one involved in the accident, or wondering how you will pay for living and medical expenses while you are recovering and unable to work. 

All these issues are realities faced by anyone involved in an unexpected accident. The resulting impact of this type of accident can change your life forever and can impact you physically, emotionally, and financially. That is why it is important to seek experienced legal representation and ensure an experienced Houston personal injury lawyer is on your side.

How We Help Texas Personal Injury Victims

Our Practice Areas

Car Accidents

Involved in a car crash? Are the roads unsafe to drive in, yet the local government did not do anything? Whatever injury you come out with following a car accident in Houston, you can trust that our car accident lawyers can battle with insurance companies on your behalf and get you the best settlement.

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Truck Accidents

Some of the most terrible accidents that ever happened on Texas highways usually involve 18-wheelers and big rig trucks. Whether the trucker is to blame or the manufacturing company, our team of truck accident attorneys can defend your rights to compensation.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Riding and cruising along the best routes around Houston is all fun and relaxing until a negligent driver causes you harm. No matter how big or small your injuries are, you have the right to compensation. Our motorcycle accident attorneys will ride with you through the battle.

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Pedestrian Accidents

Whether the accident happened in-traffic or non-traffic, your right to settlement stands. Failure to yield the right of way is one of the most common reasons why pedestrians get hit by a vehicle. You need time to recover. Let our attorneys fight on your side.

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Workers’ Compensation

If you were injured on the job and denied of your worker’s compensation, let our workers compensation attorneys at Leeds Law Firm fight for your rights. Don’t wait for your medical bills to pile up. You deserve to be compensated for injuries you obtained at work.

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Catastrophic Injuries

From traumatic brain injuries to paralysis and even dismemberment, catastrophic injuries take someone’s life away the way they used to know it. Let our attorneys at the Leeds Law Firm ensure you get the best compensation to help you recover damages.

Houston Injury Attorneys

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Slip and Fall

No matter the injuries you come out with after a slip and fall accident, liable individuals should be held accountable. Whether you slip and fall on somebody else’s property, a government establishment, or simply your home, our attorneys can help you prove your injuries.

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Premises Liability

Injured at someone else’s property? Whether your slip and fall accident caused you to break a finger or, worse, dislocate your hips, our premises liability attorneys can help you sue liable property owners. File a suit with Leeds Law Firm now and make sure nobody else endures the same pain again.

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Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

We Show Up in Court Presenting the Strongest Case

Our attorneys are fearless, aggressive, and trial-ready. We understand that every case is unique to the person involved, which is why we treat each and every case handed to us with utmost care.

Our Skills of Negotiation LEEDS Us to Achieve Better Settlement

Giant insurance companies, well-known companies, and the local government, no matter who your perpetrators are, we know what tricks they have up on their sleeves, and we will handle them for you.

We Put Your Best Interest on Top of the Priority List

While we aim for victory and ensure you are well compensated for your injuries, we never put your best interest behind any legal decision. At Leeds Law Firm, we never leave the client in the dark. We make sure you are informed and part of the process.

We Handle All Types of Personal Injury Cases

Our experienced Houston personal injury attorney handles the following:

  • car wrecks/accidents
  • truck accidents 
  • motorcycle crashes
  • dog bites
  • slip and falls
  • wrongful death
  • oil field accidents (offshore injuries)
  • boating accidents
  • Jones Act claims (seaman accidents)
  • other serious accidents. 


Even if you are fortunate enough to recover physically, the damage caused by the accident and the resulting circumstances can unfortunately linger and drift quickly from a present circumstance to a future recurring nightmare.
So many questions can arise when faced with a serious accident and potential personal injury case:

  • How will I pay these mounting medical bills?
  • Can I even get medical treatment without having insurance?
  • How will I pay my bills if I am unable to work for a while?
  • What if my injury is so severe that I am never the same again?
  • The insurance company is calling me and asking for a statement. What should I say or not say?

These questions are real and can be frightening if you are faced with them, do not know the answers, and do not have anyone to help you through the process.

We are here to help. Don’t hesitate to give Leeds Law Firm a call to get advice for your legal claims today!



Houston Texas Personal Injury Law Firm

LEEDS you closer to VICTORY

Suffering from injuries and worrying about piling medical bills is a combination that no one ever deserves to endure. If you are a victim of somebody else’s negligence, don’t sit it out and wait for the first settlement offer. Let us lawyers at the Leeds Law Firm lift the damages higher.


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Leeds Law Firm’s experience in successfully handling personal injury cases provides the understanding and advocacy you need in a time when so many other things are challenging and uncertain.

To be successful in a personal injury case, you will need an experienced personal injury attorney to establish the legal elements of your case so that you can get the recovery you need and deserve.

Legal representation should not be one of the many challenges a victim of a serious accident causing injury should face. The sooner you reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney after an accident, the better it will be for you and your family. Importantly, it can provide some solace to have an attorney advocating for you who is also available to answer your questions directly.

Serving Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas, Leeds Law Firm aggressively fights for their clients so that they can rest assured that their rights are being protected and that they will receive the best possible recovery.

At Leeds Law Firm, we are committed to listening to our clients, knowing their story, and ensuring that we handle each case with the skill and focused advocacy needed to get the best result. Having a knowledgeable Houston personal injury lawyer fighting for your rights is important because you may be able to receive money for your lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and even compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced.

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